Nathan Minns

Your “work self” versus your “personal life self”

We often forget that the act of enjoying ourselves can be the birthplace of innovation. Some of the most groundbreaking ideas emerge when we let go of inhibitions and allow ourselves to have fun in what we do.

Do you have fun at work? Remember you can also bring joy and enthusiasm into your professional lives.

“Work beyond the spotlight”

While I am teaching improv comedy principles, I don’t “improv” my workshops.

“Failure is feedback”

View failure as valuable feedback, learn from it, and nurture a growth mindset to flourish.

“Choose to bring your FANTASTIC energy”

Embrace your energy! It does not only influence how you perceive the world, but also how the world perceives you.

I have a secret again!

I have developed a fun and interactive card game designed to enhance presentation skills, unique voice discovery, and on-the-fly adaptability.

It’s a fun way to gain confidence in presenting ideas to others. It’s not just a game; it’s a tool for growth.

Interested? Pre-order here.

Now, do the world a favor and continue to bring your 10/10 FANTASTIC energy moving forward. 

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