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Interactive Keynotes for Unlimited Attendees
Interactive Workshops for 5-80 Participants

1-4 Hour Workshop - customizable
Embrace New Ideas, Experiences, & People

“How can we collaborate & communicate to embrace & create change?”

Step into a world where new ideas are celebrated, new experiences are embraced, and adaptability is second nature. Picture a space where ideas flow effortlessly, even from the quietest members of your group. Imagine a group that values everyone’s input, adapts quickly to new information, and seeks out change. It’s a place of belonging.

Participants discover how to be more open to new information through continuous experimentation, be more accepting of others’ ideas, and develop a knack for adaptability. You’ll learn an iterative process derived from improv comedy that can be applied to any new challenge, experience, or project, making difficult decision-making not just achievable, but intuitive and natural.

1-4 Hour Workshop - customizable
Listen Like An Improviser

“How can we improve listening to foster connection & mutual respect?”

We explore the importance of improv in everyday communication, as all non-scripted communication is improv. We focus on the 3 core steps to listen like an improviser: actively listening, pausing, and responding in the moment while embracing the “Yes, And…” principle.

Nathan helps participants embrace the principle of “Yes, And…” to foster open-minded conversations, suspend judgment, and unlock meaningful dialogue. Participants develop a shared language and understanding, while ideas flow effortlessly and all participants feel truly heard.

1-4 Hour Workshop - customizable
Team Building: Collaborate, Support, & Grow

“Bonding groups faster than you’ve ever seen done before.”

In this 1-4 hour workshop, designed for new or existing groups, participants will deepen their connections, embrace collaboration, and explore the 4 key principles of improv comedy:

“Yes, and…”: Cultivate a positive, open-minded, “can-do” attitude while being present.
“Team Over Self”: Improv is a team sport. We emphasize teamwork & reciprocal support in a trust-filled environment.
“Communicate Confidently”: All non-scripted communication is improv. Practice deliberately.
“No Mistakes, Only Learning”: Embrace a growth mindset, take calculated risks, & overcome obstacles.

1-4 Hour Workshop - customizable
Present with Compelling Confidence

“How can we feel good when we present, and give a compelling presentation that is memorable & effective?”

Presentations can be stressful. Designed by a full-time storyteller, pitch coach, & 3x entrepreneur, this interactive keynote presentation is designed to help attendees simplify their message through storytelling and help them feel more comfortable on stage when under pressure.

With the perfect mix of content, live coaching, and interactive exercises, attendees will learn how to ensure their audience is not only attentive, but deeply connected to the message as well.

Nathan frequently coaches entrepreneurs raising tens of millions of dollars, and using exercises developed by Nathan himself, participants will learn to tell stories, release perfectionism, and bring their full selves to the stage.

1-8 Hour Workshop - customizable
Want something else?

Nathan often creates entirely new workshops for a clients.

In the past, workshop topics have been:
– Grow Your Network with Confidence.
– Interview for Jobs with Confidence…and Improv Comedy Principles
– The Complete Guide to Start Your Company
– Customer Validation for Early Stage Companies.
– Innovation Strategies for Corporations & Governments.
– Something else? Reach out, and see if Nathan can make something special for you.

Embrace New Ideas, Experiences, & People

Through the principles of improv comedy

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