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Why I’m rebranding from “Green Light Improv” to my name, Nathan Minns

I'm rebranding! Once "Green Light Improv", and now "Nathan Minns." While the improvisational spirit remains, my mission has pivoted towards nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit through workshops & coaching.

For most of you, you’ve known me as the founder of Green Light Improv for at least the last year. For some of you, it’s been the last 4-5 years. Today, that’s changing, as I’m rebranding myself to using my name, “Nathan Minns.”

The Background

In 2019, I founded Green Light Improv. My goal was simple: I wanted to spread the benefits of improv comedy. Improv helped me become a better communicator, a more effective team player, and a more skilled entrepreneur. I wanted to share these benefits with you through workshops and keynotes, and that’s how Green Light Improv came to be.

From the start, it wasn’t about entertainment, even though it did bring fun and laughter. The name itself, ‘Green Light,’ reflected the idea of giving yourself the “go” signal to explore the unknown, to take that leap in any aspect of your life. It was about encouraging you to take the first step and find the ground as you fall.

One realization I had over the last couple of months was that when I introduced myself as “the founder of Green Light Improv,” people often categorize me as an entertainer. They often tell me that I’m “the improv guy.” And while that is part of the training, it’s not the end goal. I don’t teach improv comedy. I teach the principles of improv comedy applied to different areas of life.

My focus, especially in the past year, has been helping people tackle real-world problems around entrepreneurship, communication, & collaboration.

Here were some of the considerations I made, with some of the changes:


As I’ve been looking at my workshop data, it’s become clear that two main groups have benefited significantly from my services: entrepreneurship support groups and higher education. This information helped me refine my focus: developing an entrepreneurial mindset, and taking a more iterative approach to business & life. Much of my work has been, and will continue to be working with early-stage entrepreneurs in higher education contexts. By narrowing my focus, I can serve this group more effectively and offer powerful coaching and workshops.


While improv is still a significant part of my brand, my offerings will increasingly emphasize entrepreneurial thinking and the iterative entrepreneurial process.


A core part of my mission is to conduct engaging and insightful workshops, that take participants on an entrepreneurial learning journey with a strong focus on developing an iterative mindset, practicing open communication, and engaging in productive collaboration.


I offer two types of coaching to empower people to become confident entrepreneurs & confident communicators.

Product Entrepreneurial Coaching

This offering aims to help early-stage entrepreneurs develop their business concepts from idea to launch and growth.

Presentation Coaching

This service equips clients with the skills to excel in pitching, whether it’s to potential investors, partners, or customers.

Through workshops & coaching, I draw on my experience as a 3x founder & an improviser. I use the principles of improv comedy, which also happen to align with the core tenets of entrepreneurial thinking.

The Tenets of Improv & of Entrepreneurship

  1. Yes, And…: Cultivate a positive, open-minded, “can-do” attitude while being present.
  2. Team Over Self: We emphasize teamwork & reciprocal support.
  3. Communicate Confidently: And practice deliberately.
  4. Failure is Feedback: Iterate, embrace a growth mindset, take calculated risks, & overcome obstacles.

This refinement allows me to be more associated with developing early-stage entrepreneurs and developing entrepreneurial thinking instead of “performative improv.”

I teach entrepreneurial thinking & the entrepreneurial process THROUGH the principles of improv comedy.

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