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What Happens in a Green Light Improv Workshop?

Although our main goal is to use improv as a tool to teach life- and work-applicable skills, these workshops are filled with fun and laughter. 

You’ve decided to attend a Green Light Improv workshop. Exciting! But what’s going to happen?

Based On Improv Comedy

First, all of our workshops are based on the tenants of improv comedy. Improvisation, or improv, is a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters, and dialogue are made up in the moment.

In performative improv, 5 – 6 actors get on stage, ask for a random word, and create scenes based on that random word for about 30-60 minutes. Usually, their entire goal is to entertain you and to make you laugh. 

Here are some popular performance groups that perform improv that you may have heard of:

Note that in your workshop, you’ll participate in improv exercises modified for beginners with no experience because the performers in the groups listed here are professional improvisers who have been training for years.

For our purposes, improv is anytime you don’t have a script, whether that be in an interview, in a meeting, or on a first date.

We Won’t Single You Out

We’re aware the concept of doing improv can be scary to some participants but don’t worry, we’re not going to make you or your group create scenes for 30 minutes on stage in front of the entire group. 

You won’t be alone. You won’t be singled out. You don’t need to entertain the entire group.

Participants often cite our workshops as a moment of fun and growth. 

Yes, for introverts and extroverts. 

Remember: throughout your entire workshop, you will have your team to lean on. This isn’t standup where you’re all alone on stage. In improv, you have a team who supports you the entire time.

See one of our workshops in action!

Here’s a Sample Agenda of a Green Light Improv Workshop

Here’s a sample agenda for a workshop, so you have a better idea of what your workshop might look like. 

Example Workshop – 90 Minutes

15-30 Minutes Pre-Workshop: Facilitator Arrival

  • 15-30 minutes before your workshop’s start time, your facilitator will arrive on location, get settled in with their materials, and talk to those in the room, if appropriate.

10 Minutes: Opener by Green Light Improv Facilitator

  • Our facilitator will open the workshop by setting expectations for our workshop, including sharing that participants won’t be pressured to perform in front of the large group and that everything we do is fully opt-in. During these 10 minutes, they will often share an entertaining personal story about how they got started in improv. 

15 Minutes: Warm-Up Games

  • We always start our workshops by doing improv-based warm-up games. These are almost always partner activities to get the group warmed up and comfortable doing improv together. These activities are engaging, fun, and low-pressure. 

45 Minutes: 3 Main Exercises 

  • Our main exercises will vary by program (view all of our programs here), and all of our programs are fully customized for each client and for their goals. 
  • These main exercises are usually around 15 minutes each, and they’re all designed for participants to experience how lessons from improv can be applied to our daily lives. 
  • After each exercise, we will debrief how we can apply the lessons of the improv exercise to our life and work.

15 Minutes: Exercise & Demonstration

  • Oftentimes, but not always, we offer an opportunity for those who are interested in demonstrating some of their new improv skills to the large group. We will also debrief this activity after the demonstrations.
  • Note: We always encourage full and active participation, but if you’re uncomfortable with this, we won’t pressure you beyond what you are comfortable doing.

5 Minutes: Closer by Green Light Improv Facilitator

  • Finally, our facilitator will wrap up the workshop and encourage them to bring their high energy into the rest of their day!

15-30 Minutes Post Workshop: Facilitator Socializing

  • This is optional, but oftentimes participants are interested in talking more about our workshops or have various questions. We usually stick around to support those who are interested.

Although our main goal is to use improv as a tool to teach life- and work-applicable skills, these workshops are filled with fun and laughter. 

We’re excited to work with you, and as always, if you have any other questions about your Green Light Improv workshop, feel free to contact us.

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