Nathan Minns

Your Startup Weekend Facilitator

Nathan, an international speaker, brings your event vision to life with unmatched energy, dedication, and engagement.

You're not JUST getting an expert emcee.

Lifelong Performer

Nathan's lifelong dedication to performance arts—spanning theatre, improv, bands, and keynote speaking—equips him with unparalleled skills in audience engagement, making every event memorable.

Educational Impact

As an educator, Nathan excels in reinforcing your event's key lessons, seamlessly integrating educational content with entertainment to ensure messages resonate long after the event concludes.

3x Entrepreneur

Nathan brings a unique perspective on innovation and adaptability, adding depth to discussions and connecting with your innovative audience on a profound level.

Unlimited Planning Calls

Offering unlimited planning support, Nathan ensures your event's seamless execution, regardless of last-minute changes.

“I worked with Nathan during Startup Weekend Bahrain and he’s hands down the best emcee and the finest Startup Weekend facilitator I’ve ever seen. His ability to energize and engage the audience is unparalleled, and it helped create an electric and dynamic atmosphere throughout the event.

Nathan maintained a high level of engagement over the entire weekend, and supported all the early-stage startups as well as the organizing team. We are eagerly looking forward to having him back next year!

Maryam Malik

– Maryam Malik

Startup Weekend in the Kingdom of Bahrain

“I wanted to express my gratitude for having Nathan as the facilitator for Startup Weekend Columbus. His energy and enthusiasm were contagious, creating an engaging atmosphere throughout the event. The pitching workshop he conducted was incredibly valuable to the candidates, and Nathan’s collaboration with our organizing team was seamless. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Vijay Yadav

- Vijay Yadav

Startup Weekend in Columbus, Ohio, USA

“At Columbus Startup Weekend, Nathan was an Amazzingg Facilitator. He was present, engaging, helpful, and insightful during the entire weekend, and truly cared about the quality of the event. Being able to pivot in real time, and take feedback can be hard to do, but Nathan handled all changes thrown at him in a professional and thoughtful manner

Nathan was a great facilitator at our Columbus Startup Weekend. This was our first event back post-COVID, so to have Nathan’s experience and insight for the weekend and knowing his role was a great help. He brought energy, comedy, and insight to the Facilitator role, and the whole weekend! SWCbus recommends Nathan!

Ryan Haury

– Ryan Haury

Startup Weekend in Columbus, Ohio, USA

Dayton Startup Weekend wouldn’t have been half as fun without Nathan Minns at the helm! His improv background really shone through. He kept the energy high, the sessions engaging, and everyone on their toes. He had a knack for sparking creativity and breaking the ice, which was exactly what you need in a room full of aspiring entrepreneurs. Thanks for making it such a memorable and productive weekend!

– Matt Veryser

Startup Weekend in Dayton, Ohio, USA

Nathan’s energy is infectious, lifting everyone’s spirits in the room. No matter how long or tough the days got, he stayed consistently upbeat. His enthusiasm kept us all motivated and made even the hardest days more manageable.”“”

– Aysha Alhammadi

Startup Weekend in the Kingdom of Bahrain


Here’s the information I need as I prepare to facilitate the event (I extensively rehearse for every Startup Weekend):

  • List of all mentors, speakers (if applicable), & judges along with their bios & headshots.
  • List of organizing team members with their headshot.
  • List of all local sponsors, their logos, and messaging.
  • List of prizes, if applicable.
  • Information on the venue


With the team, I’d like to talk through:

  • Share how my role supports their work.
  • Talk through logistics.
  • Discuss if you would like me to lead a Validation Workshop on Saturday for participants.
  • How you would like me to handle mentors on Saturday.
  • Any other questions the team has.

I’ll let you decide that for yourself, with the following resources.

  1. Please view my testimonials.
  2. Please view my video facilitation reel.
  3. Feel free to contact any past organizers of Startup Weekends I’ve worked with.

I will tell you!

I’m a full-time speaker, and I have a special relationship with Techstars. If you decide you want me to facilitate your Startup Weekend, but I don’t have other work in your city, I will put your event in my calendar as a tentative hold until we book travel arrangements (plane, hotel, etc.), which usually is booked about 4-8 weeks before the event.

If a paid event comes my way, they take priority, as this is my sole source of income. If there was a paid event in your city that you or a partner booked, then I would be able to confirm the whole trip to your city immediately, as the trip turns into a paid trip.

Here are some suggestions based on my experience:

  • Engage participants regarding their business ideas within the initial 10 minutes. Ask them 2-3 times about their ideas.
  • Assign a volunteer to guide attendees into the event.
  • Provide refreshments and, where culturally appropriate, alcoholic beverages.
  • Curate a welcoming atmosphere with background music, and have music played continuously throughout the event, with lo-fi beats being a popular choice.
  • Allocate a reserved seat at the front for the 60-second pitch countdown, managed by an organizer to maintain order.
  • Organize a dedicated team to document pitched ideas either before or after presentations.
  • Clearly define work areas and allocate dedicated zones for teams to foster collaboration, progression, and validation.
  • Equip mentors with short training to emphasize the importance of guiding participants through questioning rather than criticism.

Booking a paid keynote or workshop outside of Startup Weekend is NOT required. “Success” for me is getting to travel to a new place and facilitate your Startup Weekend. “Success+” is also booking a keynote or workshop at the same time.

Here are common topics I speak on:
– Pitching & Storytelling
– Early-Stage Validation
– Early-Stage Entrepreneurship
– Communication Skills
– Open-Mindedness

Other topics are listed here.

You can do the following during the event:

  • Engage a videographer for comprehensive weekend coverage.
  • Craft a compelling LinkedIn post-event showcase, tagging all involved stakeholders for heightened engagement.
  • Produce an event highlight video to gather anticipation and stimulate interest in future events.

If you need photos or a bio to publicize the event, ‌use anything in this folder.

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