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Keynote - customizable
Embrace the Unexpected by Thinking Like An Improviser: The Power of "Yes And"

When things change quickly, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but in this 1-hour keynote, you will learn to navigate life’s unexpected turns with the agility and creativity of an improviser with the “Yes, And…” mindset. 

You’ll explore how to stay flexible and positive when plans go awry and how to keep an open mind to new possibilities. This isn’t just about coping with change; it’s about thriving in it with a growth mindset and the “build, measure, learn” feedback cycle.

In this story-rich keynote, we’ll also introduce a decision-making model inspired by “Yes And,” helping you make clearer, more focused choices without feeling lost of overwhelmed. You’ll leave knowing how to work better with others, use everyone’s ideas, and turn confusion into clear, positive action. Discover the ease of the unexpected when you think like an improviser.

1-4 Hour Workshop - customizable
Entrepreneurial Thinking & the Power of “Yes And”

Step into a world where new ideas are celebrated, new experiences are embraced, and adaptability is second nature. Picture a space where ideas flow effortlessly, even from the quietest members of your group. Imagine a group that values everyone’s input, adapts quickly to new information, and seeks out change.

Nathan uses his experience as a 3x entrepreneur with an impact in 179 countries to help participants learn to apply improv principles to their lives. Participants discover how to be more open to new information through continuous experimentation, be more accepting of others’ ideas, and develop a knack for adaptability. You’ll learn an iterative process derived from improv comedy that can be applied to any new challenge, experience, or project, making difficult decision-making not just achievable, but intuitive and natural.

1-4 Hour Workshop - customizable
Communicate Like An Improviser

We explore the importance of improv in everyday communication, as all non-scripted communication is improv. We focus on the 3 core steps to communicate like an improviser: actively listening, pausing, and responding in the moment while embracing the “Yes, And…” principle.

Nathan offers his experience as the youngest-ever board member at a youth leadership development nonprofit, his 60,000+ enrollments from 179 countries in his online courses, and of course, his experience on stage to help participants embrace the principle of “Yes, And…” to foster open-minded conversations, suspend judgment, and unlock meaningful dialogue. Participants develop a shared language and understanding, while ideas flow effortlessly and all participants feel truly heard.

1-2 Hour Workshop - customizable
Team Building: Collaborate, Support, & Grow

In this 1-4 hour workshop, designed for new or existing groups, participants will deepen their connections, embrace collaboration, and explore the 4 key principles of improv comedy:

  1. “Yes, and…”: Cultivate a positive, open-minded, “can-do” attitude while being present.
  2. “Team Over Self”: Improv is a team sport. We emphasize teamwork & reciprocal support in a trust-filled environment.
  3. “Communicate Confidently”: All non-scripted communication is improv. Practice deliberately.
  4. “No Mistakes, Only Learning”: Embrace a growth mindset, take calculated risks, & overcome obstacles.
1-4 Hour Workshop - customizable
Present with Compelling Confidence

Designed by professional storytellers, this workshop helps presenters perform better while feeling more comfortable on stage, in high pressure situations. Participants will learn to release perfectionism and bring their full selves to the stage using the acronym SAFE (tell Stories, Accept mistakes, have Fun, bring Energy). Using the entire team’s knowledge, Participants will learn to tell stories, release perfectionism and bring their full selves to the stage.

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Nathan Minns, as your event emcee, ensures your vision comes to life with his vibrant energy and unwavering commitment, guaranteeing flawless execution and lasting impact. He harmoniously blends his performing arts background, educational expertise, entrepreneurial insight, and proactive planning, crafting a dynamic and enriching event experience that will captivate and resonate deeply with your audience.

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