Nathan Minns

Mid-Year Highlights & Pivot Pitch Restock

We’re Halfway Through The Year!

How is your year so far? 

For me, 2024 has been WILD (in a good way).

I’m doing keynotes, workshops, & emceeing events around the world. I’m learning about different cultures, and I’ve been re-reading The Culture Map.

We’re Restocking Pivot Pitch!

Thanks for your support around Pivot Pitch. 

We’re ordering 1,000 more decks with upgrade boxes & some new cards too. If you’ve already bought Pivot Pitch and have feedback, I’d love to incorporate it into our upcoming restock.

Bahrain 2023 Recap Video is Here!

I’ve wanted to make “recap videos” of different engagements I do. 

This video is from my first time in Bahrain, where I facilitated the Techstars Bahrain Startup Weekend including the Validation & Pitching workshops!

Consistent Practice Pays Off

One of the best things I’ve done for my business is practicing my keynotes, workshops, or emceeing every day for 1-2 hours. This consistent effort is important in delivering engaging presentations.

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May 2024 Recap

May was AWESOME!  I started the month with the OSU President’s Buckeye Accelerator Finale, where the teams I coached competed for $300,000 in prizes. Then, I

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April Highlights

April was FANTASTIC! I facilitated 2 Techstars Startup Weekends (Dayton, Ohio & Oulu, Finland), visited London & the Kingdom of Bahrain for work, & had a bunch

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Green Light Improv has evolved!

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