Nathan Minns

Hello Meeting Professionals!

My goal is to be the easiest speaker, facilitator, or emcee you have ever worked with, all while delivering a stellar performance.

Let’s make some magic happen together!

Important Information

"Where is the link to the pre-event questionnaire?"

Please submit your pre-event questionnaire. Nathan’s team will send this link directly to you once you book as well.

I will be going through your website and social media profiles, but this form (& our calls) helps me to customize your experience even further. 

"I need your headshot & bio!"

If you need photos or a bio to publicize the event, ‌use anything in this folder.

"What should I tell the AV Team?"

Nathan can work with any room configuration, but for audience members to get the most value from the experience, we recommend the following:

Microphone: Nathan prefers a wireless lavalier microphone for audiences over 30, as he prefers to have both hands free, and tends to move around the stage. 

Computer: Nathan presents with his MacBook Air, bringing HDMI, VGA, & USB adapters. The laptop should be visible and within 20 feet of the stage. He requires a power outlet within 6ft of his laptop, a projector/screen, and prefers a tech check 30 minutes before showtime. Ideally, the computer is on a cocktail table on the side of the stage.

Stage Set-up: No podium, or if necessary, please move the podium to the side of the stage so it does not distract. If available, a small cocktail table for his materials & water should be placed off to the side. 

Room Set-up: For keynotes, anything is fine as long as everyone has a clear line-of-sight to the stage. If needed, pick a room that is too small, not too big. For workshops 2 hours or under, please move the chairs to be in a “U” formation. For workshops over 2 hours, please set participants at tables around the room, bring ample self-stick easel pads, & markers. 

Internet: Nathan greatly prefers to have internet access for his presentation. If this isn’t possible, just let Nathan know directly at least 7 days before the event.

"What's Nathan's Introduction sound like?"

The person introducing Nathan can read this script:

“Nathan Minns, an international keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and conference emcee, captivates global audiences from his home in Columbus, Ohio, to across the USA, to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Nathan is redefining our approach to change & uncertainty through the principles of improv comedy.

With Nathan’s background as a 3x entrepreneur, you should prepare to be engaged, inspired, and ready to take the first step in embracing the unexpected. The unknown. The uncomfortable.

Please give a warm welcome to Nathan Minns!”

(Please stay on stage and Nathan will meet you center stage to shake your hand.)

"Can I buy Pivot Pitch for everyone in the room?"

Pivot Pitch is my equivalent to most speaker’s books. It’s an engaging & interactive exercise to help people develop their confidence in communicating on the fly & working together.

Pivot Pitch retails at $25 per deck, but you can purchase at discount pricing listed below for everyone in the room:
10-49 Decks: $22/deck, a 12% discount from retail.
50-299 Decks: $20/deck, a 20% discount from retail.
300-999 Decks: $16/deck, a 36% discount from retail.
1000+ Decks: $12/deck, a 52% discount from retail.

"What other surprises can I expect?"

Great question! Nathan knows first-hand how stressful it can be when speakers change things last minute.

With this experience, Nathan works hard to be easy to work with: he does his research, responses quickly, shows up early, and keeps to your schedule. 

Other FAQ

Nathan generally stays in the Marriott family of hotels (booked & paid for by you: thank you!).

Nathan prefers to stay as close to the venue as possible, assuming the area is safe. It does not need to be a “fun” location, just close. 

Clients often use Nathan in multiple roles at their conferences, having him do 2+ sessions to result in a more concurrent event at a lower overall cost.

Here are other valuable possibilities:

More than one session on the same day or over a two-day period. These can include two keynotes, a keynote plus a breakout, a keynote plus emceeing, or a keynote plus a pre-conference masterclass. Each session is researched & focused on your particular goals.

Have Nathan coach attendees 1:1 on the same topic as the session you experienced.

Use Nathan as your emcee.

Use Nathan for a ask-me-anything session for your sponsors, senior leaders, or attendees on communication skills.

Use Nathan as a moderator for a panel, or invite Nathan to be a guest on your panel!

Nathan can deliver a pre-event webinar to help drive attendance (and potentially be revenue generating), or a post-event webinar to encourage and facilitate implementation of his material.

Each attendee may receive electronic access to a reference document on the topic he presented on for more in-depth resources. 

If your event includes a trade show, Nathan would be happy to spend time in the booth of an organization who sponsored the conference. 

Nathan’s process always includes a unique-to-you presentation that is filled with actionable content, interaction, and humor. He rehearses every day, does ~100 events per year, and connects with attendees before and after his portion of the event.

Yes. Tell your attendees about the workshop. Please.

Here’s a sample email to prepare your group to do improv-inspired exercises together:

“Join us for an event with Nathan Minns on <DATE & TIME> at <LOCATION>. Nathan facilitates exercises to allow participants to embrace change & uncertainty.

You don’t need to bring anything special. It’s a fun, experiential learning experience and you won’t be singled out.

See you at <LOCATION> on <DATE>!”

Nathan retains all rights to his slides and content, which are not available for download or publication by your team. Any recording, reselling, or distribution of Nathan’s talk requires prior arrangement.

Nathan uses Talkadot.

At the end of the engagement, Nathan will instruct participants to fill out the survey, usually, for a free download for them to continue their learning. If you would like anything changed, added, or removed, please let Nathan (or the team) know. You will receive the Talkadot report to measure the ROI of the experience within 7 days of our engagement.

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