Nathan Minns

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Hello Meeting Planners!

My goal is to be the easiest speaker & facilitator you have ever worked with, all while delivering a stellar performance. Let’s make some magic happen together!

Feel free to utilize any text, links, or visuals found on this page to publicize our engagement, both prior to and during the event itself.

Thanks again for the opportunity to work together!

Before The Day

If you need photos or a bio to publicize the event, ‌use anything in this folder.

Yes. Tell your attendees about the event. Please.

Here’s a sample email to prepare your group to do improv together:

“Join us for an event with Nathan Minns on <DATE & TIME> at <LOCATION>. Nathan facilitates exercises to teach an iterative entrepreneurial mindset, as a 3x founder himself.

You don’t need to bring anything special. It’s a fun, experiential learning experience and you won’t be singled out.

See you at <LOCATION> on <DATE>!”

On The Day

AV Requirements

Nathan presents with his 2019 MacBook Air, bringing HDMI, VGA, & USB adapters. The laptop should be visible and within 30ft of the stage.

He requires a power outlet within 6ft of his laptop, a projector/screen, and prefers a tech check 30 minutes before showtime.

To keep the audience focused, avoid serving food or clearing plates during the presentation.

A tested microphone & sound system are essential for audiences over 40.

If needed, pick a room that is too small, not too big. 

Move the chairs to be in a “U” formation.

Nathan retains all rights to his slides and content, which are not available for download or publication by your team. Any recording, reselling, or distribution of Nathan’s talk requires prior arrangement.

Please review this survey. At the end of the engagement, we will instruct participants to fill out this survey. If you would like anything changed, added, or removed, please let us know. You will receive a copy of all raw survey data to measure the ROI of the experience within. 7 days of our engagement.

Green Light Improv Color Logo

Green Light Improv has evolved!

Now operating under "Nathan Minns," your trusted workshop facilitator. The same engaging experience as before.