Nathan Minns

Making Connections Between Passion & Work

Improv comedy is all about:

✅ creating something from nothing

✅ pivoting and performing under pressure, even when things go wrong

✅ (usually but not always) relying heavily on a team.

This is very similar to day-to-day life as an entrepreneur, and I’m lucky that what I have done for fun (improv) & my work (startups) benefit each other so clearly.

Pivot Pitch Game Launch

I’m glad to share I’ve launched a new card game called Pivot Pitch! It’s launch, honestly, went far better than I expected. It’s been a hit, and I’ve been having a blast keeping up with demand.

My First International Facilitation

Last October, I had the pleasure of facilitating Techstars Startup Weekend in Columbus. Now I’m in Bahrain facilitating their Startup Weekend!

Let’s Connect on Social Media

I just launched my TikTok account that features videos on how to play Pivot Pitch! I want to help groups become comfortable presenting, work together, and adapt on the fly.

Now, do the world a favor and continue to bring your 10/10 FANTASTIC energy moving forward. 

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Another year wrapped!

Happy holidays! What a year it has been! We’ve done some cool stuff in 2023 — a facilitator guide, an actual card game, and international

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