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Make the Choice to have 10/10 FANTASTIC Energy

Just as we were wrapping up one of my workshops, I posed a question to the group, “Does anyone have any takeaways from this workshop that they would like to share?”

One student raised his hand and offered a rather unexpected observation, “I’ve learned that you have way too much energy.”

The comment caught me slightly off guard, but it provided the perfect transition into a lesson that goes beyond the workshop – that we all have the power to consciously choose how we present ourselves to the world. This isn’t just about physical presentation; it’s about the energy and the vibe we bring into a space.

I shared with him, and the entire class, this personal belief of mine: your chosen energy can shape your experiences and perceptions, and equally, it influences how others perceive and interact with you. Even in moments when you feel depleted or uninspired, making the conscious choice to infuse a situation with positivity and energy can completely transform the atmosphere.

Interestingly, when I next encountered this student, I noticed a shift in him. The student who had once accused me of having “too much energy” was now bubbling with enthusiasm himself, excited to participate and eager to learn.

In my workshops, I bring a lot of energy, and it helps everyone else to bring their full energy too.

How do you show up?

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