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Interactive Keynote - customizable
Embrace the Unexpected by Thinking Like An Improviser: The Power of "Yes And"

“How do we become comfortable in ever-changing situations like improvisers do on stage?”

When things change quickly, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but in this 1-hour keynote, you will learn to navigate life’s unexpected turns with the agility and creativity of an improviser with the “Yes, And…” mindset. 

You’ll explore how to stay flexible and positive when plans go awry and how to keep an open mind to new possibilities. This isn’t just about coping with change; it’s about thriving in it with a growth mindset.

In this story-rich keynote, Nathan will help you make clearer, more focused choices without feeling lost or overwhelmed. He’ll even encourage you to ask “how can we start right now?”You’ll leave knowing how to work better with others, use everyone’s ideas, and turn confusion into clear, positive action. Discover the ease of the unexpected when you think like an improviser.

Interactive Keynote & Workshop - customizable
Present with Compelling Confidence

“How can we feel good when we present, and give a compelling presentation that is memorable & effective?”

Presentations can be stressful. Designed by a full-time storyteller, pitch coach, & 3x entrepreneur, this interactive keynote presentation is designed to help attendees simplify their message through storytelling and help them feel more comfortable on stage when under pressure.

With the perfect mix of content, live coaching, and interactive exercises, attendees will learn how to ensure their audience is not only attentive, but deeply connected to the message as well.

Nathan frequently coaches entrepreneurs raising tens of millions of dollars, and using exercises developed by Nathan himself, participants will learn to tell stories, release perfectionism, and bring their full selves to the stage.

Special Note: This program is most effective when 50%+ of the group has an idea they’ll need to pitch soon.

Become a Better Communicator

Through the principles of improv comedy

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