Nathan Minns

January 2024 Highlights

How’s your 2024 so far?

For me, 2024 is looking like the year that I may be working internationally the same amount that I’m working in the USA. 

I can share more about where I’m headed in about a month or two, but needless to say, I’m really excited about going abroad.

First 2024 Workshop

“Such an incredible event! Nathan Minns did an incredible job facilitating, my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much!”

It was a fun first workshop of 2024, thanks to Columbus Culture First!

I’m a Guest Lecturer!

Thrilled to share that I’m now a Guest Lecturer at The Ohio State University College of Social Work in their Master’s Program.

Pivot Pitch!

How would you pitch Lopsided Hammock? Or Spotty Town? Microscopic Garbage?

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Another year wrapped!

Happy holidays! What a year it has been! We’ve done some cool stuff in 2023 — a facilitator guide, an actual card game, and international

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