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Through Improv Comedy Principles, Nathan Minns is...

Helping Students Embrace New Ideas, Experiences, and Connections.

Interactive Keynotes & workshops that engage every student in the room.

"This is the most engaged I've seen my students since we started working together 4 years ago"

Program Administrator, on Green Light Improv workshops

Common Uses

From freshmen to transfer, international, and graduate students, these are individuals in the midst of a significant life transition. Nathan’s workshops can help break down barriers and create a comfortable, inclusive, open-minded learning environment. The students might be a bit anxious, but their minds are fertile ground for the core skill that improvisation cultivates: adaptability and the art of embracing change.

Improv is all about adapting and pivoting…fast. Nathan’s programs are designed to teach the innovation process while engaging every student who walks in the door.

Nathan has spent most of his career in the startup ecosystem as an employee and a 3x founder. His online courses on web design have earned over 60,000 enrollments from 179 countries. He has spearheaded startup initiatives for major corporations and became the youngest board member at a youth leadership development nonprofit in 2017. As a mentor and certified facilitator for Techstars—the world’s largest pre-seed investor—Nathan has honed his skills in nurturing innovation and fostering entrepreneurial spirit.

Nathan focuses on adaptability, effective communication, and decision-making to create resilient leaders.

Nathan often customizes programs to encourage students to value varied opinions and perspectives, including their own.

Nathan’s exercises are an engaging way to introduce topics like entrepreneurship, collaboration, adaptability, and communication.

Nathan’s experiences are a great way to loosen up, build confidence, and sharpen communication skills.

With Nathan's programs, he's impacted thousands of people from organizations such as...

Plus the 50,000+ Students from Nathan Minns' Online Courses!

Supercharge Communication

Improv isn’t just for comedy, it’s the skill of unscripted conversation. Nathan uses improv techniques to elevate active listening, presentation skills, and foster confident communication.

Catalyze Collaboration

Improvisers work harmoniously without any props or scripts, relying solely on each other. This philosophy can turn your student group into a cohesive, trust-filled team.

Become Adaptable

Becoming flexible, embracing change, and reacting in high-stress situations are crucial. Through improv, Nathan teaches your students to be nimble, intuitive decision-makers.

The keynote was valuable, engaging, & actionable. I enjoyed the presentation and the humor.

Keynote Attendee

At the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators (MASEA) Conference in Chicago.

“Nathan was an excellent public speaker and brought a lot of energy to the event.”

Participant at LaunchpadOSU

Sophomore at Ohio State University

“I learned that it’s okay to feel a bit uncomfortable and get outside of your comfort zone. That is where the learning begins. It was a great experience and our staff had fun, learned some new communications skills, and got to know our co-workers better.”

Pickerington Public Library Team Member

“Nathan was very energetic and spoke in a very casual way while remaining professional. He was very prepared, made it personal, and made the audience feel comfortable.”


Everything was entertaining, and I learned how to have more positive & inclusive conversations with my colleagues.

Administrative Assistant at Purdue University

Keynote Attendee at the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators (MASEA) Conference in Chicago.

“I now have more confidence in my communication skills. And I’ll be more mindful when listening to someone without cutting them off or nodding my head too much. I liked the variety of activities that are built on one another. I think by the last exercise we were very prepared to sell our odd objects!”

Employee on the Communications team at the City of Dublin, Ohio, USA.

Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Through the principles of improv comedy

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