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Through Improv Comedy Principles, Nathan Minns is...

Helping Groups Embrace New Ideas, Experiences, and Connections.

Keynotesworkshops, & coaching – experiences your group WANTS to participate in.

"Within 5 minutes, Nathan had the entire audience engaging with each other, laughing, and working together."

- Eleanor Kamke, MBA

Common Uses

Kickstart your conference on a high note by using my experiences to foster camaraderie among your attendees. Nathan’s workshops & keynotes can help break down barriers and create a comfortable, inclusive, open-minded environment for the attendees.

Take it from Eleanor Kamke, MBA:

“Within 5 minutes, Nathan had the entire audience engaging with each other, laughing, and working together.”

Get your team or attendees to know each other quickly & efficiently. 

Everything Nathan does is high-energy. In addition to key learnings and takeaways for the participants, he adds an element of playfulness, boosting engagement and retention.

Often, people say Nathan’s programs are different because he strongly emphasizes important lessons about teamwork, adaptability, and communication. However, what his participants truly appreciate is my ability to deliver these teachings through a jovial and relaxed methodology, while still keeping the message clear and strong.

Nathan’s experiences are a great way to loosen up, build confidence, and sharpen communication skills.

With Nathan's programs, he's impacted thousands of professionals from organizations such as...

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Plus the 50,000+ students from Nathan Minns' Online Courses!

Supercharge Communication

Improv isn’t just for comedy, it’s the skill of unscripted conversation. Nathan uses improv techniques to elevate active listening, presentation skills, and foster confident communication.

Catalyze Collaboration

Improvisers work harmoniously without any props or scripts, relying solely on each other. This philosophy can turn your group into a cohesive, trust-filled team.

Become Adaptable

Becoming flexible, embracing change, and reacting in high-stress situations are crucial. Through improv, Nathan teaches your team to be nimble, intuitive decision-makers.

“My main takeaway was to be comfortable expressing myself & my personal values around others.

We used the “Yes AND…” mindset the entire weekend to constantly generate new ideas and reach our goals.


“Nathan was very energetic and spoke in a very casual way while remaining professional. He was very prepared, made it personal, and made the audience feel comfortable.”



“I learned how helpful building off of other people’s thoughts and ideas can be and how much you can learn about others from it. This program is super good to create bonds between a team and allows people to get out of their comfort zone. You guys had great energy and were very good at getting the participants engaged and excited!”


High School Student at the Central Ohio Leadership Academy

My main takeaway was the power of positive thinking. I liked the 10/10 energy and being able to be up, moving, and laughing the most.

Director at Illinois College

Workshop Attendee at the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators (MASEA) Conference in Chicago.

Maintaining enthusiasm is important. The presenter preached what he spoke, was always exuding energy, and was even over the top at times. He set the example. I didn’t dislike anything: I like improv games and found it genuinely helpful.”

Entrepreneur from the Ignite Portsmouth Entrepreneurship Boot Camp at Shawnee State University

Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Through the principles of improv comedy

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