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Embracing Your Fantastic Energy & September Highlights

Happy October!

“Yes, And…” This powerful improv concept teaches us to keep an open mind, fostering an environment where new ideas can flourish within the group. Every voice is not just heard but valued so we can collaborate more effectively and creatively.

Here’s to a month filled with fantastic energy, open minds, and collaboration!

“A Glimpse Of What We Do”

Our promo video is here! We wanted to showcase what we’re truly about – empowering students and teams.

“A Fantastic Reminder For 10/10 Energy”

New giveaway alert! These bracelets are more than just accessories. Wearing one of these is like having a positivity booster on your wrist.

“What Our September Looked Like”

Our client list is growing! More and more teams and organizations are embracing the Green Light Improv experience and we couldn’t be happier.

Now, do the world a favor and continue to bring your 10/10 FANTASTIC energy moving forward. 

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April Highlights

April was FANTASTIC! I facilitated 2 Techstars Startup Weekends (Dayton, Ohio & Oulu, Finland), visited London & the Kingdom of Bahrain for work, & had a bunch

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