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Another year wrapped!

Happy holidays! What a year it has been! We’ve done some cool stuff in 2023 — a facilitator guide, an actual card game, and international

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Learn Through Experience

Over the last ~month, we’ve made some changes around here. We enjoyed crafting a game that’s already played by many, and the response has been amazing! Plus, we

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Presenting Complex Topics

In my work, I often collaborate with student entrepreneurs who are prepping for a big pitch competition. A common pattern I’ve noticed is their need

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Time-Travel Tech Talk

Experience a unique game that transports you to 300 years ago. Hone your communication skills, clarify misconceptions, and explore active listening.

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“Yes, And…”

Explore the power of “Yes, and” vs “Yes, but”. Discover how these phrases transform decision-making, fostering creativity and inclusivity in a fun, improvisational exercise.

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Tips on applying improv at school, work, and life.

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