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Turn your Students into Engaged, Adaptable Leaders

From fostering diverse thinking to enhancing communication and teamwork in an engaging environment, prepare your students for life’s unpredictable challenges—because the future belongs to the adaptable.

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Before the Guide, Students...

Are scared to try new things

Don't fully participate

Have a fixed mindset

Are not accepting of differences

Have trouble making big decisions

Shut down "different" ideas

It's not fun for them, and it's not fun for you.

After the Guide, Students...

Embrace & adapt to new experiences

Have fun & connect with each other

Develop a Growth Mindset

Celebrate and share new & different ideas

Use an iterative decision-making process

Grow their curiosity

This is the world of improv.

The "Becoming Adaptable" facilitator guide has everything you need to run your own improv-based adaptability workshop.

We’ve put together a package that we wish we had had when we started running student-focused workshops! Over the past 4 years, this has been tried and tested with thousands of students around the world. Here’s what you will find inside…

11 Repeatable Exercises

4 hours of impactful, yet easy to facilitate improv-based exercises to develop student open-mindedness, communication, & adaptability.

30 Minute Facilitator Training

Live facilitator training with Green Light Improv founder & professional facilitator, Nathan Minns.

Available Immediately with Lifetime Access to Updates

Emailed to you immediately, with lifetime access to updates. You'll receive special newsletter access, ensuring you have the tools to succeed.

Email & Phone Access to Green Light Improv Founder

6 months of email & phone support from Green Light Improv's founder, Nathan Minns.

Who is the Facilitator Guide for?

High School Educators

Would you like a more engaged & respectful classroom environment?

College Educators

Would you like your students to be more open-minded?

Program Managers

Would you like a more connected group of students?

…Then the Facilitator Guide is built for YOU!

This Facilitator Guide teaches you step-by-step how to run an engaging workshop that you can use repeatedly, even with the same group of students.

All you need to do is collect your students, and read the scripts in our guide!

Become Adaptable or 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you use this facilitator guide and don’t feel the exercises are benefiting your students, email us within 30 days of purchase and receive a full 100% refund. We’ve been fine-tuning these exercises for years and have run them with thousands of participants.

When should I use this guide?

We’ve crafted this guide with flexibility in mind, so you can utilize it to support a wide array of educational goals. Here are some key applications:

Introducing Key Concepts

Our exercises are an engaging way to introduce topics like entrepreneurship, adaptability, communication, and collaboration.

Reinforcing Learning

After diving into theoretical concepts, use our exercises to deepen students' understanding through interactive exercises.

Preparation for Presentations

Warm up before presentations with these exercises to boost confidence and enhance communication.

Kickstarting a Program

Boost student camaraderie in an inclusive learning environment.

Injecting Fun into Learning

Use our exercises to add an element of playfulness, boosting engagement and retention.

Promoting Diversity of Thought

Use our exercises to encourage students to value varied opinions and perspectives.

Have a Question about the Facilitator Guide?

Our FAQ covers everything from pricing, to what’s in the guide, and information about how to get your school to cover the costs. If your question isn’t answered here then email

Do I have to know about improv?

No! Everything you’ll need is covered in the facilitator guide. We assume that you have no knowledge of improv comedy.

What is improv?

Improv is live theatre without a script, focusing on on-the-spot creativity. Applied improv uses these principles for real-world applications like team building and leadership. Our guide equips you to infuse your environment with these dynamic, team-boosting concepts.

Why improv comedy?

Improv, a form of unscripted theatre, is a very effective method for teaching adaptability, communication, & teamwork skills to students (research). Through improv, students learn to actively listen, present confidently, and collaborate seamlessly, even in high-stress scenarios. We believe that students learn best by doing, and thus, our workshop designs are interactive and engaging.

Tell me more about the exercises in this guide!

Applied improvisation, the type of improv used in this guide, uses improv comedy techniques for real-world applications like business and education. This guide offers engaging exercises to boost students’ skills in creativity, teamwork, and quick thinking. Through fun games and activities, students learn valuable life skills like active listening and adaptability, aiming to make them better innovators and communicators.

How did you create this guide?

It would have been much easier if we just threw together 11 exercises. But we didn’t. We have extensively tested every exercise in this facilitator guide during our Facilitator-led workshops, and continue to use them. At the end of (almost) every workshop, we ask every participant to give us feedback on their experience and we use their feedback to improve our workshops. This guide is the result of years of workshop facilitation.

Who is the author?

As a seasoned entrepreneur, professional speaker, and founder of Green Light Improv, Nathan Minns has dedicated his career to helping people embrace new ideas, experiences, and connections. Nathan has spent most of his career in the startup ecosystem as an employee and a 3x founder. His online courses on web design have earned over 60,000 enrollments from 179 countries. He has spearheaded startup initiatives for major corporations and became the youngest board member at a youth leadership development nonprofit in 2017. As a mentor and certified facilitator for Techstars—the world’s largest pre-seed investor—Nathan has honed his skills in nurturing innovation and fostering entrepreneurial spirit. When Nathan began working as a professional actor in 2015, he realized that as he improved as an actor, he also improved as a communicator, as an entrepreneur, and as a team member. This epiphany led Nathan to create Green Light Improv & this guide.

I can't decide: should I book Nathan to speak, or buy this guide?

We’re excited to offer this guide to boost students’ adaptability and teamwork through the arts. While it’s a great start, it can’t fully replicate the dynamic experience of a live session with our founder, Nathan Minns. Known for his energy and expertise, Nathan adds a unique value that’s worth considering for your group. Your purchase is just the beginning of our partnership, and we offer various services to meet your needs. Thanks for your commitment to student growth, and feel free to reach out for more.

Can I get my school to pay for this?

Many schools have budgets allocated for teacher resources like this guide. If this is the case for you, then great! If your school doesn’t explicitly say they have that budget, it’s sometimes worth having a discussion with them to see if it’s a possibility. Typically, you’d engage in a conversation with your school’s administrative team or department head, outlining what the facilitator guide is and how you would use it, what change you expect to see in your students, and how the students will apply the learnings to their everyday lives.

How does payment work?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, & PayPal, with download available immediately after purchase. If those options don’t work for you or you need an invoice, please email us at

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