Nathan Minns

April Highlights

April was FANTASTIC!

I facilitated 2 Techstars Startup Weekends (Dayton, Ohio & Oulu, Finland), visited London & the Kingdom of Bahrain for work, & had a bunch of workshops!

I had fun in Oulu, Finland!

I’m still catching up on sleep from all my travels these past few weeks but I must say, Oulu was awesome!

I facilitated their 3-day Startup Weekend and did 2 workshops and a keynote!

Finding your zone of genius

When I quit my job almost 2 years ago, I never expected that I would travel internationally this much.

You might take a step back from time to time but continue to work to find your zone of genius and you’ll eventually get to where you want to be!

How do you sell your pitch?

❌ Present with all the technical details to impress people.

✅ Wrap even the most technical product in a simple and clear story.l

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